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Motif Enrichment Tool

Find Major Transcriptional Regulators of Experimental Gene Sets!

The Motif Enrichment Tool has been Retired. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Motif Enrichment Tool (MET) takes user-defined gene sets and identifies significantly associated sets of genes that share a regulatory motif. The tool is available for a number of model organisms (human, mouse, zebrafinch, stickleback, fruitfly, honeybee, planaria, arabidopsis, etc). It incorporates transcription factor DNA-specificity motifs taken from literature curation, bacterial one-hybrid assays, high-throughput SELEX experiments, and protein binding microarrays. It allows users to define motif target sets with different normalization methods, regulatory region definitions, and thresholds. For human and fruitfly, the Motif Enrichment Tool is able to find associated gene sets defined from ChIP profiles or from motif scans filtered by DNase-seq data.

For more information, see the MET Paper published in Nucleic Acids Research.

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