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PhyME software suite request form

Please read the agreement below, and fill out the short form to request a copy of the PhyME software.

To use the PhyME software, you will also need to install the LAGAN alignment toolkit.
A copy of the LAGAN software is included in the phyme distribution that will be sent to you. However, LAGAN comes with a separate license that must be read and agreed upon, separately from the PhyME license below.

Saurabh Sinha, Mathieu Blanchette and Martin Tompa give permission for you and your institution to use the PhyME software suite developed at the Rockefeller University for internal, research purposes, on the following conditions:

1. The PhyME software suite remains at your institution and is not published, distributed, or otherwise transferred or made available to people other than institution employees and students involved in research under your supervision.

2. The PhyME software suite will be used by you and/or your institution solely for non-commercial purposes, except with express permission from the authors.

3. You may provide the authors with feedback on the use of the PhyME software suite in your research, and that the authors and the Rockefeller University are permitted to use any information you provide in making changes to the PhyME software suite.

4. Any risk associated with using the PhyME software suite at your institution is with you and your institution.

5. The PhyME software suite will be cited in any publication(s) reporting on data obtained by using it, as:

      PhyME: A Probabilistic Algorithm for Finding Motifs in Sets of Orthologous Sequences
      Saurabh Sinha, Mathieu Blanchette, and Martin Tompa
      In BMC Bioinformatics 2004. 5(170).

If these conditions are acceptable to you,  click the check box below.  If you have any questions concerning this agreement, you may contact us at

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