Computer Science Department
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

CS591-BIO Advanced seminar in biomedical informatics (Fall 2006)

Fridays 10:30 - 11:30 am
3403 Siebel Center

The course CS591-BIO is a weekly Bioinformatics Seminar (open to the public) offered by the following six instructors in Fall 2006:

Prof. Jiawei Han (Computer Science)
Prof. Lei Liu (Bioinformatics Unit and joint Computer Science)
Prof. Bruce Schatz (Medical Information Sciences, IGB and joint Computer Science)
Prof. Saurabh Sinha (Computer Science)
Prof. ChengXiang Zhai (Computer Science)
Prof. Sheng Zhong (Bioengineering)

This seminar series features a different speaker each week, from within and outside the UIUC Computer Science Department.

Students may register for one credit hour in CS591-BIO; to receive credit, they must sign in and can miss no more than two sessions. Students who registered for credit in the seminar in a past semester may also register again for credit this semester. This seminar is open to the public as well, due to the wide interest that bioinformatics holds for various disciplines.

Presenters' slide sets from past semesters are still available in our archives, and are well worth a look:

Spring 2006 talks:
Fall 2005 talks:
Spring 2005 talks:

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