Computer Science Department
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

CS466: Introduction to Bioinformatics (Fall 2008)

Instructor: Saurabh Sinha


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We are in the middle of a scientific revolution today. Computer Science is dramatically transforming the old and established science of biology into a quantitative science, and many secrets of life are just a click away! Computer Scientists are busy designing efficient algorithms that process Gigabytes of biological data (such as DNA) to make biological predictions and speed up experiments by several orders of magnitude.

This course will introduce this new and happening science of bioinformatics to undergraduate and masters level students in computer science. We shall see how state-of-the-art techniques in computer science are applied to problems in bioinformatics. The student will learn how to formulate important biological problems as computable problems, and develop algorithms to solve such problems efficiently.

Prerequisite: Programming skills such as CS 225 as well as basic probability and statistics. Familiarity with algorithmic concepts (such as from an introductory course in algorithms) will be helpful, though not a hard requirement.

Format: The course is lecture-based. There will be regular problem sets, a midterm examination, and a final examination.

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