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CS591-BIO Readings and research in bioinformatics (Fall 2009)

Meeting time: Thursdays at 11 am.
Meeting place: 4403 Siebel Center (To be decided.)

The course CS591-BIO  will undergo a major change starting this semester. It will now be run in the manner of a journal club, with a specific topic to be covered in the semester. There will be paper readings and informal/formal presentations of those papers.

Students may register for one credit hour in CS591-BIO; to receive credit, they must sign in and can miss no more than two sessions. They will also be required to lead the discussion in at least one meeting during the semester, but this number could be higher depending on the enrollment for that semester. Students who registered for credit in the seminar in a past semester may also register again for credit this semester.

Archives of previous offerings:

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Presenters' slide sets from past semesters are still available in our archives, and are well worth a look:

Spring 2006 talks:
Fall 2005 talks:
Spring 2005 talks:

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